ALICE ALVA is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia, who works across drawing and illustration, photography, digital media and graphic design. Her work is informed by an interest in patterns, ornamentation, iconography, humour and pop culture.

REBECCA ARMENDARIZ lives and works in Washington, D.C. She blogs here and tweets here and is currently working on a grief memoir. She likes when prosecco is available to her at bars, but also stand-up comedy, magazines, avocado-focused main courses, and writing about her experiences.

NONA WILLIS ARONOWITZ is not a dessert person but does rock a lot of polka dots. She tweets here and Tumbls here.

YESICA BALDERRAMA is a freelance multidiciplinary designer, writer, nail bitter, cotton candy enthusiast, and avid walker. More here.

LAURA BARCELLA is a writer, editor, feminist, animal-lover, and gummy-candy aficionado. She’s the author of The End: 50 Apocalyptic Visions from Pop Culture That You Should Know About...Before It’s Too Late and the editor of Madonna & Me: Women Writers On the Queen of Pop. More here.

KERENSA CADENAS is is tweeting about watching a lot of teen television, movies and listening to Solange. She's also a writer who lives in Los Angeles--a haven of drinking on patios. [emoji]

BRITTANY CALLENDER has a self-awarded doctorate in TV with a specialization in ABC Family. Along with Lesley Clayton, she co-hosts the Five Things reading series in Austin, Texas. She is currently writing the Great American Young Adult Novel and researching which taco is the best taco, for personal reasons. She sporadically tweets here.


MEGAN CARNEY currently lives and works in Austin, Texas, as an artist and aspiring woodworker. You can see some of her work here.

MELANIE CLEMMONS makes fantasy html webpages and projects live visuals for bands as 1/2 of vidkidz. When not exploring the internet from the comfort of a blanket fort, you can find her roaming the streets of Austin, Texas, in search of shiny quarters with which she will use to play pinball.

PHOEBE CONNELLY is a writer in Washington, DC. [emoji]

CARRIE ELIZABETH COOK is an artist based in Houston. Her work is an investigation along the lines of abstract painting, landscape painting, and memorial-making. With a directness about her materials, she allows for quick relationships between paint, found images, and objects to form and be later reflected upon. Carrie just finished her MFA at the University of Houston, where she also taught drawing. See her work here

CARLY CORREA is a colorful and bright artist born-and-raised in Los Angeles with a bachelor's in Fine Arts. Inspired by sunny SoCal livin’, the awkwardness of growing up, and DIY-punk vibes, she brings joy to others and encourages celebration with all of her art/life. Ask about her janky Spice Girls drawings and her piñata obsession. Her website and Tumblr.

TESS DWORMAN is a Brooklyn-based choreographer and performer originally from Oak Park, Illinois. She spends her days trying her hand at many things, including janky-but-kind-of-dope jewelry-making, choreographing dances that have little-to-no dancing in them (for example), babysitting Brooklyn-based children, and using her administrative skillz to organize things like CLASSCLASSCLASS.

MAIJA ELIZABETH EKEY wishes she were an Olsen. Check her out here and here.

puts art online professionally and comics online recreationally.

 is a film- and zinemaker based in Oakland, California. She enjoys hugging cats, drinking unusual sodas, and forcing her friends to give book reports. You can see more of her work here.

is a British illustrator/nomad currently mooching around Tokyo. She loves learning about tribal cultures, folklore, and where in the world the best street food is. You can follow her scribbles and travels here and see more of her work here.

ANN FRIEDMAN used to be the executive editor of GOOD magazine. Now this gun's for hire.

AMELIA GRAY grew up in Tucson, Arizona and lives in Los Angeles. In 2012, Farrar, Straus and Giroux published THREATS, her first novel. More here.

ELIZABETH GRIFFIN just turned a toaster on its side to make a grilled-cheese sandwich. She once fell asleep in the Sistine Chapel, has peed into a plastic bag while driving (traffic jam), and accidentally drank shroom tea thinking it was just regular tea. If you think of it, say a prayer for her. She can be found in Nashville, Tennessee, where she is a member of the Women's Art League.

BROOKE HATFIELD has fond memories of wallpaper patterns in "The Jeffersons." She lives in Atlanta and puts things here and here.

STEPHANIE QUESADA MERCADO HENRY has a mind that is half creative—half scientific. She attends trivia competitions regularly as a DH for science questions only, but can help when there's an occasional question about Phil Collins—especially if it is about his obsession with the Alamo. When she wins the 2013 HGTV Dream Home, you are invited to visit. [emoji]

 is a journalist who gets an equal number of tingles of pleasure out of a) covering District of Columbia politics b) tweets from minor celebrities c) sobbing to the Glee version of "Firework." She tweets here and tumbls here.

was born on a Wednesday. Since then, her work has appeared in Pindeldyboz, Shimmer, and Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. She holds a Masters in Folklore from Indiana University, Bloomington, and blogs fiction, reviews, and miscellany here.

TARYN HUBBARD is a writer from Vancouver, British Columbia. She blogs here and tweets here, when she's not messing with Photoshop and css.

CAROLYN JANSSEN is a visual artist who creates psychedelic Photoshop objects and loves all things feminist and digital/pop culture kitsch. Find her work here. [emoji]

CHRISTINE KEITH is a copywriter living in Atlanta. Since graduating from an elite university with honors and a double major, she has pursued texting, dive bars, and collecting a menagerie of animal-shaped pool floats. Submitting this bio past deadline forced her to confront something she's long suspected: she has both no free time and nothing to show for it. She should probably go do something.

ATEQAH KHAKI's purpose in life is to care, to create and to connect. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is currently pursing a Master's degree in Media Studies at The New School. She can be found lurking around the Internet as @ateqah (most frequently on Instagram, which is currently her favorite social media platform). [emoji]

NIA KING is a queer mixed-race art activist. She lives in Oakland, where she runs the podcast We Want the Airwaves: QPOC Artists on the Rise.

is the editor of Womanzine, and runs Womanzine 2.0 and @womanzine. She is otherwise an editor and writer on urbanism and architecture, about which, and also not about which, she tweets and Tumbls.

LANA LABERMEIER. At age 16, Lana failed to pack the tent poles for a family camping trip. The Labermeiers were forced to sleep in their car outside Barstow. She tumbls here.

is a translator, teacher and people watcher from New York, currently living in Salvador, Brazil. She writes exaggerated accounts of everyday life here.

TIFFANIE LANMON is a musician living in Austin. Interests include good handwriting, peaceful easy feelings, remembering stuff (when she can), and illustration. You may find her here and here.

ERIN MCKELLE is an e-activist, video blogger, student, and non-profit advocate. She has launched several projects, including Fearless Feminism and Consent is Sexy, a web series about healthy sexuality. You can find her blogging at fearless feminism, making videos on YouTube and blogging for SPARK.

SAM MEIER is an editor at PolicyMic, focusing on issues of gender, sex, and sexuality in contemporary politics. She's also a comic book nerd.

JEN MIZGATA is a photographer that lives and works in Baltimore and Washington, DC. You can see more of her photos here.

ELYSE MOODY is a displaced Southern writer and editor attempting to make Brooklyn feel like home. She will stop to pet your dog on the sidewalk. She tweets here and posts new stuff here and has written for ELLE, The Hairpin, Creative Nonfiction, The Daily Beast, BBC Travel, Refinery29, and Publishers Weekly, and others.

is a New York-based writer who enjoys stockpiling used books in her tiny apartment and coming up with names for fake bands. Follow her on Twitter.

FRANCISCA PAGEO is a visual/mixed media artist from Spain, but her work can be found around the globe. She's co-editor of Détour cinema magazine and co-founder of the Mujeres con Pajarita Collective. She collaborates in diverse art and design magazines, editorials, and advertising agencies, and she participates in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe. She loves cut-and-paste, rainy days, nature, and onirism, and she cannot live without reading books. Her work can be found here and here.

is an Iranian Southern Belle living in Sunnyside, Queens. She is the music supervisor of her friends' lives, and lately she's been making stamps and watercolors with an emphasis on color theory. [emoji]

is a queer tranarchafeminist in Oakland who makes queer games and erotica and word-organisms. She curates outsider games and runs DIY jams. Her journalism can be seen on Rock Paper Shotgun and Nightmare Mode. site | twitter | tumblr [emoji]

YAEL REISMAN is a New York-based nonprofit consultant, digital strategist, and self-appointed music crit ombudswoman. She splits using her Internet powers between good and evil. You can find her tweeting about Genesis and supermarkets here and circulating pictures of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tina Belcher here. [emoji]

 is a writer and filmmaker in New York City. Seagulls IRL (see the original longer cut of her video for Pattern) make her very uncomfortable, so she had to take a lot of anti-anxiety meds to shoot that video, that's why it's slowed down. See her video work here. She very sporadically tweets here and tumbls here.

is a comedic writer and performer. She likes costumes, bagels, animals, watching TV while tweeting about it, and apparently Disney fan fic. Her favorite day of the week is Thursday, and her favorite existential crisis is the one she is currently living.

LARA SHIPLEY is a MFA candidate in photography at the Arizona State University Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. Lara has credits at newspapers and magazines, such as The Atlantic Online, The Washington Post, Mother Jones, La Nacion, and The Miami Herald. Previously, she was a photography producer for National Geographic Online and a commercial freelance photographer. She is a photographer primarily of people and out-of-the-way places.

is working on her MFA in graphic design at CalArts in Valencia, California. Aside from the weather, her favorite thing about Southern California is the wacky vanity license plate population. Her work can be found here. [emoji]

TALIA SHULZE is an artist based in Brooklyn. She enjoys houseplants, making ceramics, and pretending to type a really important email on her phone to avoid talking to people. See more of her work.

AMINATOU SOW watches too much TV and reads too much Internet. When she's not doing modern woman shit you can find her here and here. [emoji]

has a habit of creating blogs and then deleting them every single time. You can find her current (fleeting) internet presence here. [emoji]

MAIA STERN is a freelance videographer, editor, photographer and sculpey-sculptor living and working in and around Brooklyn, NY. You can follow her adventures in visuals here.

says, "My language is visual, I make dances with it. My research is choreographic, it's what I have you take." Mariana has studied dance in its historical, presentational, and choreographic spectrums, and her creative process excercises her design research in garment construction, sound scores, and the spatial arrangements of bodies and their objects.

SARAH WAMBOLD is a licensed funeral director and writer in the state of Texas. Her work also appears on Order of The Good Death. Follow her on Twitter.

LARA SHAHD ZOABI (COCO) is an aspiring filmmaker. "I know my films are gonna be in Japanese, Arabic and English. Inshallah," she says. She blogs here and writes about music here.

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